Selecting The Correct Aftermarket Rims For Your Vehicle


Wheels are an integral part of every automobile. They have transcended the role of just circular structures attached to an axle by which circular movement around a point of fulcrum creates motion which is needed for transportations. ESR Wheels have evolved with technology into aesthetic and high performance super auto parts. Wheels provide frictionless and uniform motion. They come in various designs, structures, sand colors and provide support for the vehicle. Various automobile industries have sort manufacturing materials and strategies to improve the look and efficiency of wheels. The 3 most popular materials for high quality wheels are alloy, aluminum and chrome.


Experts prefer the use of alloy wheels for the manufacturing of vehicles such as SUV, truck and vans for its strength and durability. Alloys rims are composed of a combination of metals such as Aluminum and Magnesium. The use of these metals date as far back as 1924 for the modification of sport vehicles and became popular in the 80’s. Alloy rims are preferred for their strength, lightness in weight and ease of handling while driving including braking.


This wheel is manufactured by either of two techniques: cast or forged. The pouring of hot molten aluminum into a one-piece mold cools into an aluminum wheel. Another technique is the applications of extreme pressure to the wheels materials in a contained environment.


These were usually expensive and only owned by the wealthy but with new chroming techniques chrome rims are affordable. When you take a steel or aluminum wheel and apply layers of chrome to it, what you have is a shiny chrome wheel with elegance that stands out in every event. Chrome rims make the ESR wheels heavier for more support and chrome is way less prone to rust in comparison to alloy, magnesium or aluminum wheels. As classy as the chrome may seem it requires more maintenance work to sustain its lustrous characteristics. It needs to be polished often to remove debris. Automobile brands have continually developed new designs and structure of wheels using these components and the general prediction is that the use of chrome, alloyed and aluminum is less likely to phase out in years to come.


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October 2022